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Where frontend & backend make API contracts
Visual Swagger Editor for Teams - Link your app Design to API calls | Product Hunt
Who is needed a data from your API? Right, for UI. Save time of your back-end developers, allow make a drafts API by front-end developers based on UI. Upload UI screens from Figma, link API requests and data scheme in visual mode.
Link API to app design
Collaborate front-end & back-end teams
Send API contracts for discussing and approving to the back-end. Discuss, fix, approve before coding and start working in parallel on front-end and back-end!
Validate API contracts on real server
Check API contracts after implementing on real server. Get notification when contract is broken or changed. Save time for finding bugs! Front-end & back-end are synced.
Improve your API contracts and find narrow places in your server. Generate & run automated tests for data scheme, security issues, etc. in two clicks.
Run API auto tests in two clicks
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